Kairos Capital focuses on finding opportunities in areas where others don’t venture.

Our Mission

Kairos Capital is a New England based private equity firm that seeks value-added investments in distressed American enterprises. Our mission is to find superior returns on our investments while maintaining high ethical standards in how we manage the companies we invest in. Our partners are the majority equity holders in our investment fund, therefore we have no one to impress, no investment benchmarks to beat, so we take a common sense approach to our investments and act conservatively. We are looking to earn a return, but also serve those we are working for, the employees of the companies we invest in and the communities we belong to.

What We Do


Kairos Capital finds its investment opportunities in areas others don’t venture. We find underperforming entities and bring them back to life.


Struggling businesses often have difficulties finding the capital they need. Kairos Capital has deep relationships with capital providers that lend in specialty situations. We can help you find the capital you need to succeed.

Strategic Consulting

We utilize our skills in turnaround management, distressed acquisitions and financing to help clients with complex business problems.

Find Us

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+1 844 505 3730
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Kairos Capital, LLC
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